Kafur Finance Investment
  • Address: 5th Floor Offices 503 & 504, Muscat, Muttrah 133, Oman
Diversified Assets

We have multiple trading focus to ensure constant payment as at when due.

Strong Security

We have installed strong Commodo License to ensure encrypted end-to-end communication.

Best Support

We offer 24/7 customer support services to ensure that you get right answers when needed.

We are focused on making profits through trading.

We are in constant business of building team of dedicated and qualified traders, with diversification on:

  • Gold Trading.
  • Stocks & Bonds Trading
  • CFDs Trading
  • Crypto-related Trading

We Provide Best Quality Services

We have an efficient diversified hedging system that guarantees steady money inflow. Our target is to ensure round-the-clock trading without interruption.

Best Payment Plan

We have the best payment plan to meet your financial target in real-time.

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24/7 Binary Option Trading

Trade and get paid instantly with our binary option trading system.

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Our recent portfolio

We continually update our trading portfolio to accomodate recent technological discoveries to ensure increase income and steady payment.

Learn about gold

From the time of ancient civilizations to the modern era, gold has been the world's currency...

Stock and bonds

Despite its popularity and presence in the news, the stock market is just one of many potential places to invest your money...

Oil & Gas Investment

High prices for oil fuel the same sort of process as in any other sector...




After 3 days

MINIMUM: $3,500
MAXIMUM: $9,999
Capital returned on maturity



interest After 5 days

MINIMUM: $10,000
MAXIMUM: $15,000
Capital returned on maturity



interest After 7 days

MINIMUM: $20,000
MAXIMUM: $35,000
Capital returned on maturity



interest after 10 days

MINIMUM: $50,000
MAXIMUM: $70,000
Capital returned on maturity



After 14 days

MINIMUM: $75,000
MAXIMUM: $99,999
Capital returned on maturity



interest After 30 days

MINIMUM: $100,000
MAXIMUM: $1,000,000
Capital returned on maturity


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What Clients Say About Us

Hear from our satisfied clients

I started Kafur Finance Investment been skeptical due to my previous bad experiences, but now I can confidently say that Kafur Finance Investment can be trusted 100%. I have made more than 150% in my investment.
Austin Cesar
It's without doubt that Kafur Finance Investment do deliver as promised. I was able to offset all my debts by using the NPF plan and with consistent approach, I am comfortably stable financially.
Julian Carol
I started since 2018 after been introduced by a friend and I have made more than $45,000 in profit. Joining Kafur Finance Investment was my one-time decision that paid off in long-term.
Anna Sandra

Meet Our Lovely Team

We have incredible team of dedicated workers, that ensures smooth running of Kafur Finance Investment.

team image
Nathan Walker
Trading Manager

"Manages the trade executions and cordinate group trading decision of margins and stops."

Nathan Walker
Trading Manager
team image
Jane Scott
Finance Manager

"Helps manage, audit and balance financial records for Kafur Finance Investment"

Jane Scott
Finance Manager
team image
Zara Sutton
Marketing Chief

"Oversees both offline and online marketing strategy, ensuring that our messages and products reaches our target clients."

Zara Sutton
Marketing Chief

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